03 January 2010

The torture followed me to 2010

First Sunday of 2010 and the Sunday Hair Ritual is still here! I can't seem to shake that sucker.  Thank goodness the Little One was sick (LOL).....because that means i only had to wash one head of hair instead of two.  I decided to take a picture of the Big One (after she moaned and groaned and refused to give me even an inkling of a smile).

Freshly washed and dried.....

2.5 hours later (decided she need to change her shirt; peel, cut, and eat an apple, find a video on youtube, etc.....

When it was time for the Little One to get hers done, I was too lazy/frustrated to pull the camera back out.  I'll get her next time....her and her little dog, too!

Peace People!

22 November 2009

Go and grab the scissors for me!

So it's Sunday afternoon...in my world of having two little girls with lots of hair...Sunday afternoon is "hair" day. It usually consists of unbraiding hair, washing hair, conditioning hair, drying hair, and then re-braiding hair. To add further frustration to the Sunday Hair Ritual, they both have different textures of hair so I need totally different hair products for each of them. Also, the house eats their comb every Sunday. We spend 15 minutes trying to find the comb...the "Big One" pretends to not know what a comb is and the "Little One" always finds it. *note to self: "Little One" is probably the one who hid the comb.* And this is soooooo not the hard part.
Their complaints (in the whiniest of voices):
  1. I'm sleepy.
  2. I'm hungry.
  3. Dryer's too hot.
  4. Dryer's too cold.
  5. You're combing to hard.
  6. Can I go get my Nintendo DS?
  7. I want some juice.
  8. I gotta pee.
  9. I wish I didn't have hair!!
My ever-so cheerful responses-plus Level of Frustration(LOF)on a scale of 1-10:
  1. I'll be finished before you know it, sweetheart.  (LOF: 0)
  2. As soon as we finish, you will be able to eat dinner. (LOF: 0)
  3. Oh, I apologize (LOF: 0)
  4. Make up your mind, kid!!! (LOF:4)   
  5. If you keep talking, I'll show you combing hard! (LOF:6) 
  6. Should have gotten it before you sat down!!!(LOF: 7)
  7. Go get the juice, girl *through clenched teeth* (LOF: 8)
  8. Pee in your frapping juice cup.(LOF:9)
  9. Go and grab the scissors for me!(LOF:10)
Ah, the joys of Sundays ;)

19 November 2009

I enjoy catching green vomit...

Welcome to my life as a mom...nose-wiper, hand-holder, peanut butter sandwich-maker, homework-checker/doer, vegetable-taster, girl scout meeting-avoider, bug-killer, stinky feet-kisser, ugly drawing hanger-upper, frozen pizza-cooker, teacher-emailer, tea party-goer, and green vomit-catcher. But I simply love every minute of it.*fake smile*